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Limited Companies for Sale

As well as forming brand new limited companies company formation agents will often form companies to sell on at a later date.

These are often known as off the shelf or ready made companies.

Why buy a limited company off the shelf?

  • Speed - A pre-formed company already has a company number & company documentation

  • Age - Gives the impression of longevity

  • Business Purposes - Some industries require a company to have been open for a period of time before contracts are given

How to buy a limited company off the shelf

  • Formation agents will often have a list of available companies that are for sale - select the name you want.

  • After payment has been made the agent should send a template requesting various information related to the new information for the company - complete and return to the agent.

  • The agent should resign the current appointments in the company and make the new ones as per the returned template.

  • The agent should complete and send a stock transfer form to you - this outlines the transfer of shares from the old shareholder to the new shareholder.

  • Other documentation such as the certificate of incorporation and memorandum & articles should also be sent to you.


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